Distoriam is a metal band that combines history, folklore and comedy, bound together by a grandiloquent flavour that is proper to the folk-metal scene. They capture their listeners in a maelstrom of catchy melodies, dancing rythms and riffs as heavy as a hundred grizzly bears.
What are we
Founded in 2010 by Frakkur the Wise and Sir Thomas Samael Friedrik Rex I , the band crafted its music for many years before crystallizing it with other assiduous members. Indeed the welded formation fuelled by the desire to produce an album of good quality, but full of hidden inside jokes, did not hold anything back to produce ‘’Chapter I: Vinlanders’’. In this album, the folk instruments are well mixed within the thick wall of sound created by downtuned guitars and hard beating drums, and the band has fun performing this in concert, between two sips of mead.
What we do
With the impressive amount of bands in the Quebec Metal scene; Distoriam stands out for its ability to ignite a festive moment in concert halls. They are professional and rigorous musicians. This diligence is manifested in the art of entertaining people by countless jokes, running gags and activities that aim at nothing less than to launch a party which will make history at every time. The work of Distoriam connect with its public and involve them in its internal jokes for the pure fun of it.
Why Historical?
Conceptually, Distoriam produced its first album under the Viking theme; the historical period of Leif Eriksson being their context for the discovery of America, called Vinland by the explorers. Exploring land and time; each album covers a different period in the history where the characters’ archetypes of the band are evolving.
Sometimes heavy, sometimes dancing, sometimes even surprising, but always powerful and dynamic; the sound of Distoriam is approachable for the neophyte and fascinating for the more dogmatic metal-head.