Demo (2010)Title : Demo (2010)
Release Date : November 19, 2011
Format : CD

This demo, released under the band previous name; ”Vinlanders”, contained 4 songs that were recorded and released online from April 2010 to February 2011. The first physical CD was distributed in November 2011.

Live in Montreal, QC, Club Soda, 2011

It originally contained 4 songs; the first written by the band. It was recorded by Thomas at his and Frakkur’s houses. The lead guitar on ”Duel of a Hundred Lights and Northen Sea Journey” was recorded by Tommy as no lead guitarists were in the band at that time. The two named members are the only one featured in the demo that are still in the band.

In addition to free online distribution, the demo was copied on a very limited quantity of CD’s and given for free at the attendance while the band was opening in Ste-Hyacinthe, QC, for the Russian band ”Arkona”. The CD version contained Data-only instrumental demo version of the song ”Hymn to Mead” that will eventually be re-recorded and featured as an opener on the band’s first full-length album.

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